Learn The Right Way To Cover Ugly Walls For Free.

Sadly, there will be instances when despite all your hard work in creating a pleasant landscape for your home, your neighbor’s ugly walls can ruin the view for you and for onlookers. But living next to a house with ugly walls doesn’t mean you have no choice but to be stuck with an unattractive view for life.

To solve your problem, you can ask your neighbor to cover their walls. Tell them that their walls are ruining the scenic view that you want your home to have. Be sure to approach them about this matter respectfully so they won’t feel too offended to act out against your request.

Another solution is to cover the ugly walls yourself. After you ask for your neighbor’s permission, you can disguise the walls as you please. You may hire an architect to help you out. Or, you can use a hands-on approach to tackle this project.

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