Learn The Easy Way To Cut Crown Molding. Watch This.

Crown molding is used for capping pilasters, walls, and cabinets. It is extensively used when creating exterior and interior cornice assemblies. It’s also used in window and door hoods. Crown molding adds aesthetics to your, home making it look more elegant. There are different designs and patterns of crown moldings available.

If you are into a bit of carpentry or you’re a DIY guy who likes fixing things in your house, you might already be familiar with crown moldings. If you are installing a new one in your room or replacing one that has cracked or chipped, you’ll need to know how a crown molding should be cut.

Cutting crown molding requires precision or else you’ll end up with non-fitting parts so you’ll have to start over again, which increases the project costs. Why not take it from a veteran carpenter? Watch one in action in this DIY tutorial video.

Image source: Paul Ricalde

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