Salvaging Your Empty Propane Tank – How To Cut A Propane Tank Safely.

If you use a non-refillable propane tank, chances are you have already accumulated a number of them. You can get rid of propane tanks by taking it to a landfill disposal, ask your propane dealer if they take empty tanks, or you can turn your old tank into something new.

The propane tank is made from a good metal sheet quality to make it safe and durable, making the tank perfect for recycling. You can modify the propane tanks and put it into other use such as a fire pit, a bbq grill, a pizza oven, or even a stove.

You can salvage the tank by cutting it into your desired shape. You need heavy duty angle grinder to cut the strong metal. You need to take care when cutting propane tanks because it could explode if not handled properly. Watch this video on how to safely cut propane tanks.

image source: Joe Baker

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