Cutting And Shaping Stones For Hardscaping Projects.

Man has been cutting and shaping stones since the Stone Age, which was around 3 to 4 million years ago. The shaped stones were used as tools, weapons, or materials for building structures like pyramids and places of worship. And that skill has been carried from generation to generation.

There is something to stones that makes them perfect building materials. They are strong, can last for hundreds or thousands of years, and they exude a rustic feel. Cut properly, stones can give your hardscapes the aesthetic value you may be looking for in your garden, patio, or pool area.

In this DIY tutorial video, the author will show you how to cut and shape stones that you can use for different hardscaping projects. You’ll learn techniques for splitting or cracking stones, trimming edges, chipping protrusions, smoothing stone surfaces, and other methods when you are working with the material.

Image source: This Old House

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