How To Cut Through Tiles Without Using A Wet Saw.

Tiles are one of the most common materials used when working on bathrooms and kitchens. They work for other areas of the house, too. Tiles are available in different materials like porcelain, ceramic, and glass. They are also available in different sizes like 12×12 inches or 24×24 inches.

When the size of a tile doesn’t fit the area on which it will be laid on, it needs to be cut. Tiles, however, can easily break if not handled properly. The usual method is cutting them using a wet saw. It’s a circular saw with water dripping on the surface of the tile while it’s being cut to prevent breakage.

But cutting tiles using a wet saw can be overkill. It also takes a longer time to cut tiles using this method. In this DIY video tutorial, the author will show you how it can be done using a normal grinder.

Image source: Craig Harimon

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