Using Water To Decarbonize Your Engine. An old technique To Save A Few Bucks.

You know this very well: Decarbonizing your engine is an expensive process. You can either get somebody to do it for you, which is truly a luxurious waste of money, or you can do it yourself by using decarbonizing chemicals, which is a cheaper option, but will still need a lot of your hard-earned cash.

However, according to this man, you can forget all the expenses that come with decarbonizing by using water. Yes, you read that right: water. But how exactly does it work?

According to Eric, the author who created the video, getting the water through your carburetor while the engine is running will get rid of the carbon deposits inside your engine. When the water becomes steam due to the heat inside the engine, the carbon deposits will then be removed. That steam will go to the exhaust, and some of the water will slush off the carbon debris.

Image source: EricTheCarGuy

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