Turn That Drab Flooring Using This Flake Method.

If you have a plain, unpolished concrete slab floor anywhere in your house, you’ll know how unpleasant it looks. But what if there’s a way to salvage that hideous flooring? This video will show you how you can use epoxy coating and decorative flakes to transform your concrete flooring.

You’ll need to start by cleaning the concrete flooring and preparing it for the application of the epoxy coating. You can either do this through acid etching or grinding, whichever option is available. After this, you need to make sure the surface is thoroughly dry and clean. This is required so the epoxy adheres to the surface.

Mixing and applying the epoxy coating need to be done carefully and accurately so you don’t get bubbles and uneven surfaces. Also wear the proper gear when handling these chemicals. For full details of the steps required for this project, watch how these guys do it.

Image source: Master Contractors

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