Define Spaces With Room Dividers.

When you want to define particular areas in your home, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a small studio apartment or a house with a big space, you can make use of room dividers to characterize your space.

Room dividers are good to use because they are not permanent – it means you can have flexibility with your designs and you can change the way you utilize a space anytime you want. Room dividers can either be hanging or sliding. You can use almost anything from ropes, curtains, bookcases, pallets, and even tree branches! Be as creative as you want to be in finding a space defining solution to your home.

The Great Divide


Fantasies of having a home office and walk-in-closet can be crushed by the cramped realities of apartment living. But, don’t give up! You can keep that spare room dream alive if you learn to harness the power of the divider. Here are ten inventive designs that you easily can make yourself—no board approval required.

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