Turn Some Scrap Into A Functional Disc Sander.

Whether you’re working on metal or wood, a disc sander will be an important tool in your arsenal. You will need a disc sander to polish a wooden surface or give that DIY tomahawk the shine and sharpness it deserves. These are just a couple of things you can do with a disc sander.

But buying a ready-made disc sander might be out of your budget. The costs of this tool will differ with the brand and the specifications. Usually those which can spin faster generally costs higher. But what if you can build your own disc sander using materials that you can find from a junk shop?

A disc sander basically just needs a motor to spin the sanding disc and a sturdy stand to hold that motor. In this DIY video, the author will show you how you can make a simple disc sander. The steps are shown in detailed, easy to follow instructions.

Image source: Hassan Abu-Izmero

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