[Video] DIY Backyard Zip Line. Turn Your Backyard Into An Amusement Park!

Be The Hit Of The Neighborhood With A High-Flying Tree-To-Tree Transporter.

You could buy a dinky, ready-made kit with a short zip line for kids, but why not make your own industrial-strength zip line that will support the heaviest of neighbors? It’s a fun project you can tackle in a weekend.

Building a zip line is a great summer project. It is both challenging and enjoyable to build, and when done safely provides hours of exciting fun for everyone. Here is an easy way to approach your project. You can build a zip line yourself following these easy steps.

When the time comes to install your own zip line, you want to be sure to take time to do it right to ensure lots of safe rides. Luckily, it’s not that hard to do. This awesome video will explain the key steps involved to make your own zip line.


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