Learn How To Make Your Own Rocket Stove Using Concrete.

Rocket stoves are the in thing nowadays with all these ‘go green’ campaigns. So why is it considered a ‘green’ stove? That’s because a rocket stove can burn fuel, in this case firewood, more efficiently than other stoves can. You can attribute it to the way air flows into the stove.

The rocket stove uses the convection process to burn fuel clean. You don’t need special fuel to use it. Just pick up some broken twigs and pieces of wood around, put them in the stove and you’ll have fire that can reach high levels of temperature in a short amount of time.

The material that should be used in making a rocket stove should be able to withstand intense heat. Ideal ones are metal or concrete. This DIY tutorial video will show you how to make your own rocket stove using concrete. The steps are easy to follow and foolproof.

Image source: GreenShortz DIY

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