Make Your Own Simple & Easy Drill Press Index Jig.

Woodworking can both be a hobby and a profession. You can earn or save money with this skill. But it’s a skill that takes time to learn, and even more to master. Also, working with wood may require the use of specialized equipment aside from the usual household tools like hacksaws. You’ll need equipment that make working with wood projects a lot easier. One such equipment is a drill press index jig.

Jigs are a must have for all wood workers. It can open up opportunities for unique projects and can simplify some tasks. Jigs are also used for tasks that require precision and speed.

In this DIY tutorial video, you’ll learn how to make a very precise drill press indexing device. And no, you won’t be spending a lot for this project since the materials used might already be lying around in your workshop. All the steps are explained clearly and simply.

Image source: woodkiefer1

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