Learn How To Make Your Own Drill Press Tapping Guide.

Drilling is a tedious work that requires a lot of skills, patience and practice. Especially for beginners, drilling holes can be challenging. This is the reason why a drill press tapping guide is made. Threading two metal pieces together needs a tap. A tap is very similar to a corkscrew in which each turn of the attached handle causes the tap itself to cut deeper into a hole.

There are two different types of taps. The first one has a tapered end in which each turn removes a small part of the material and gradually cut the threads. This mechanism reduces the stress on the tap, lowering the possibility of breaking it. The other type is a bottoming tap.

When you want to drill a hole all the way through a metal piece, this type of tap is used. In this video, it will be demonstrated how to create a drill press tapping guide to keep the tap straight. Watch this video to learn more!

Image source: Cosmas Bauer

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