Drilling Through Small Sheets Of Metal: A Must-Learn Trick For Machinists!

As a handyman, using machines can have its own unique quirks. Machinists everywhere will tell you that there are some jobs that seem simple on paper that is actually very difficult to do in reality. One such problem is when you are drilling a large hole in a relatively small sheet of metal.

When you are creating a large hole on small piece of metal, the tendency is for the hole created to be uneven. A lot of machinists will have the nightmarish experience of realizing that they’ve drilled a hole that is nowhere close to being round! So is there a solution for it?

Machinists will talk about a number of approaches they claim to work well for them. They say that their technique has helped them drill large holes on small pieces of sheet metal evenly almost every single time. The video on the next page presents one of those techniques that you can use.

Image source: Rasmus Laursen

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