[Video] Add Your Home Security By Making Dummy CCTV Camera From Scrap.

Dummy CCTV Cameras are designed to imitate a real camera. It will come in handy if you want to add extra security within your block. There are claims that dummy cameras can deter criminal activities because evildoers can’t identify the difference between a dummy camera and a real one.

The effectiveness of these dummy cameras relies on its design. You can buy dummy cameras, but you can also build one from scrap. You just need empty deodorant containers, black and silver spray paints, a wooden block, and half-size silver pearls. You can look for real camera images and imitate its structure.

A dummy camera is an inexpensive alternative because it doesn’t need installation or maintenance. Remember to have a reasonable number of fake cameras and place them at believable locations. Your priority is to make criminals think that you have them under surveillance. You can check out the video to understand how to make a dummy CCTV camera.

source: Creative Life

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