Think Cardboard Doesn’t Do Well In Water? This One Is Here To Prove You Wrong!

Cardboard Boat Building Tips And Race Day Prep. A small cardboard boat is great and it is very realistic. Why not make one and impress your friends? Problem is it has a lot of steps but is very easy if you have the materials. So, here are some boat building tips. Now go for it!

Building a cardboard boat is all about trying to meet the challenge. Look ahead to the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished something that most people won’t even try. Have fun!   Be creative!   If you can dream it, you can do it!

This amazing video challenges amateur boat builders to design, build and navigate boat made entirely of corrugated cardboard. Come and enjoy the fun as you watch the masterful maneuvers of boat braving the waves.

durable_cardboard_boat0Image source: BernardoTech

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