Avoid This Drain-Waste-Vent System Mistake—Or You’ll Regret It.

DWV or drain-waste-vent system is a crucial part in your plumbing as it removes greywater and sewage from your home. Just one small mistake in your DWV installation or repair can be costly—not to mention smelly. Doing it yourself without planning or precise knowledge on how to fix or install a DWV will never turn out well for you.

DWV system installation requires complete understanding of what they are, the location where they’re installed, and building codes. For example, not providing vents to all traps in the system can result to blockage and improper liquid flow. And when that happens, sewage and greywater will not get out of your home and they might even flow back.

Because of that, you should know more about DWV systems. The video discusses the number one mistake that most DIYers and even professional plumbers do that messes up their DWV systems. Do note that watching this will not certify you or make you an expert in DWV installation or repair.

Image source: Hammerpedia

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