The Easiest And Cheapest Way Of Removing A Tree Stump.

Hiring a company to remove a tree stump can be quite pricey. But if you have Epsom salts, a heavy-duty drill, and loads of patience, this method for removing a tree stump is for you. The project would take some time, but it’ll be less trouble and less expense.

Make sure to use a heavy-duty power drill to effortlessly bore holes into the stump, especially when dealing with stumps from mature trees. A 10-amp drill with an auger bit would be your best option for this job. Don’t forget to wear appropriate safety gear.

Epsom salt is affordable, which is why this method can be considered as one of the cheapest ways to remove a stump. You’ll need several pounds of Epsom salt, so it’s best to stock up on a lot before starting. Epsom salt is different from regular table salt. It won’t harm other vegetation and trees around the stump you’re working on.

 Image source: Plant Abundance

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