[Video] Brazing Your Metals – Easy Way Of Repairing Your Aluminum Parts Like Brand New.

Have you ever had an aluminum window frame crack and you tried welding it back together only to end up having a deformed, unattractive surface? If what you wanted is a smooth and even finish, as if the crack was never there, then you should do brazing instead of welding.

Brazing is a process that uses a brazing rod to join two metals together. The brazing rod when heated becomes a sealant that flows across the joints and upon cooling forms a strong, solid bond. The finish makes a resilient and invisible bond that can withstand twisting and jolting movements.

Before applying the braze rod, make sure that you thoroughly clean the joint surface with a metal brush to remove all traces of oxidation. Brazing can create a watertight and airtight bond, making the seams look flawless and almost invisible. Watch the video to learn more about basic metal brazing.

source: electronicsNmore

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