Creating A Motor Attachment That Will Turn An Ordinary Car Jack Into An Electric Car Jack.

This one is an ingenious invention. Just by shorting (or with a push of a button), you can see your jack pump itself and lift your vehicle. To make this car jack attachment, you will have to invest a bit of time.

To get started, the things you need are: car windshield wiper engine, your car jack, a battery, rollers, and a few scraps of metal. To make this tool easier and faster, you will need the following: a laser engraver, a corner clamp, a rectangular clamp, plat nose pliers, a vise, a workbench swivel clamp, a hole saw, and a drill.

The concept behind this is that the wiper engine will rotate a flywheel attached to it. That flywheel, on the other hand, is attached to the connecting rod. That connecting rod is connected to the handle, which will then act like a piston pump. As the flywheel rotates, the handle will go up and down.

Image source: Made in Poland

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