[Video] Untying Your Knot – A Simple Survival Trick To Cut A Rope Without A Cutter.

Have you ever thought of survival and rope in the same breath? If you are a climber or mountaineer, keeping a rope in your pack is as essential as carrying a bottle of water. Ropes are the lifeline of any climber. It could spell the difference between life and death.

There are many varieties of rope and you cannot find a “one size, fits all” type of rope. Certain jobs require a particular type of rope, but its main characteristic is the same – strength. However, in dire situations and you need to cut the rope, strength becomes your adversary.

The rope was made strong for a reason but in situations where you need to cut one badly, the trick is to apply friction. Friction can cause the rope to snap so you can cut it in your desired length. This video will show you how to cut rope easily.

source: DaveHax

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