Turn An Old Boring Table Into A Conversation Piece With Epoxy Resin And Pebbles.

Do you have an old ugly table that you don’t want anymore? You might want to reconsider before giving or throwing it away. You can turn it into an amazing piece for your living room. With some woodworking skills and a little creativity, you can repurpose a boring table into a wonderful piece of artwork.

A table with resin inlay can cost up to several thousand dollars if you buy one from handcrafters. If you decide to make one, you should invest in quality epoxy resin. You don’t need to use a brand-new table. You can buy an old one at furniture thrift shops.

If you’re using pebbles that are found lying on your garden or neighborhood park, make sure that you clean them well. Once you’ve sealed them in the resin, it’ll be impossible to clean the dirt off. You can also use other small items instead of pebbles. The possibilities are endless. But before you start drilling holes on your table, watch the video first.

Image source: Onrust!

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