These 7 Knots Are All You Need To Learn.

Remember those days of camping out as part of your scouting activities? You were taught to tie different kinds of knots for specific purposes. You gladly follow because you want that knot-tying badge on your sash. Little did you know that you will need those knots in the future.

The knot that most people remember and use on a regular basis is the one you use to tie your shoes. It’s basic, simple, and does the job. But there are other knots out there that will serve a purpose where the simple knot is just not enough. Knowing how to tie these knots can help you get out of some unnecessary situations.

But you don’t need to memorize tying those thousands of knots. It will be impossible and impractical. You only need the 7 knots that will be presented in this tutorial video. After all, some more complicated knots are actually just a combination of these 7 basic but essential ones.

Image source: InnerBark Outdoors

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