A Practical Guide On How To Make DIY Filer Guide For Handsaws.

Sharpening saws and getting them back into shape isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the most challenging tasks in woodworking that many woodworkers nowadays prefer not to sharpen their saws. But although it can be difficult, sharpening a saw is important. A saw’s sharpness helps retain the tool’s usefulness. Even if it has been sitting on a woodworker’s toolkit for years, you can still expect a sharpened saw to function like new and cut through materials well.

You may sharpen any kind of saw granted it doesn’t feature any hardened teeth. Sharpening a saw with a hardened blade won’t have any effect because its hardness is the same as a saw file’s.

To start sharpening saws, make a filer guide for handsaws. By understanding the basic concepts of geometry, taking on the DIY project is even easier. Just be sure to know your way around a pencil and compass.

Image source: Mikhandmaker

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