A Practical Guide On How To Make DIY Filer Guide For Handsaws.

Filer Guide for Hand-Saws, How to make — by ‘Mikhandmaker’. It’s up to you to make the necessary angular adjustments. Visually aligning the file to the guide’s end will ensure a straight sharpening system. This will also cause retraction without dragging the file. Remember that the filer guide only works forward. When sharpening, the force needs to go forward. This will help you avoid any wear on the file.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘Mikhandmaker’.


Sharpening a saw can be one of the most “difficult” tasks for a woodworker. I built this guide for sharpening hand-saw teeth at the required relief angles, for both rip saw and crosscut saw…..Mikhandmaker

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Image source: YouTube.

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