Tutorial: Say Goodbye To Flat Tires By Filling Them With Foam.

Since the discovery of the wheel, people have been shaping wood and rock into round shapes to carry things, animals, and people around. In modern vehicles, these are referred to as tires. Tires are mostly made of rubber and then filled with air. The air acts as a shock absorber and protects the rim of the wheel.

Since tires have air in them, there is a possibility for them to be punctured or crack after some time. And when that happens, air goes out and you have a flat tire. You can go on filling it with air again and again but it will just keep getting flat.

What if there’s a way to prevent your tires from getting flat due to loss of air that seeps out of holes or cracks on the wheels? This is what this video tutorial will show you. The author has discovered a way to fix the crack on the tires of his leaf blower.

Image source: Warren Hardy

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