Need To Know If You Blew A Head Gasket? Watch This To Find Out The Answer.

The head gasket is an important part of the car. It’s located between the cylinder heads and the engine block and its main purpose is sealing the cylinders so that maximum compression is achieved and engine oil or coolant is not leaking into the cylinders. This makes the head gasket a highly critical seal.

When the head gasket blows or has deteriorated after years of use, it can create a myriad of problems in your car. The loss of compression can lead to a rough engine because of the reduction in power. Exhaust gases can also be forced into the engine’s cooling system, which can make the car overheat easily.

Because of these critical issues caused by a blown gasket, it’s important to detect it as early as possible. There are obvious telltale signs of a blown gasket and knowing how to look for them is the first step. This is what the author will show you in the following DIY video.

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