DIY tutorial: How To Turn A Washing Machine Drum Into A Fire Pit.

No other activity gathers men together than cooking meat over an open fire. That’s the reason why barbecue grills sell like hotcakes in home depots. Weekend barbecue parties are also common in any neighborhood. It’s a time to have fun, mingle, and show off your fire pit.

You can always buy a ready-made fire pit from the store but where’s the fun in that? Being the handyman that you are, you’d want a fire pit that’s unique, a nice conversational piece that would be the envy of others, and of course something that you made yourself from scratch — something you can be proud of.

So if you’re looking for your next fire pit, search no farther. This DIY tutorial video will show you how to make your own fire pit using something you would never have imagined: the drum from a defective washing machine. This is one fire pit your friends will talk about for a long time.

Image source: Dabberty

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