[Video] Restore Your Old Fireman’s Axe’ Sheen And Sharpness.

Ever wonder if you could still use that old axe your grandfather left you or that rusty fireman’s axe you found in a garage sale? The answer is yes, you could, if you have the time and resources to restore it. Compared to a brand new axe with a price that ranges from $60 – $100, restoring an old axe is far more practical and would cost you less.

Before restoring, check first if the bit (blade of the axe) is recoverable. If the edges are too stumpy, restoring the axe will be harder. See if the handle is also up for replacement. If the head wobbles, even a tiny bit, the handle must be replaced as well as the nuts and pegs that hold the bit up top. The bit must fit snuggly into the handle to avoid danger.

If your old fireman’s axe passes these criteria, the video in the next page shows the steps on how to restore it.

 source: Michal Kadlec

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