Tutorial: How To Fix 90% Of Not Starting Briggs Lawn Mower Problems.

Having a Briggs lawn mower at home is definitely worth the investment, but just like any tools at home, you may be experiencing some problems. These are: 1. Refusing to start in the spring after having used it all summer. 2. The valve stays in after pressing it. 3. The motor seems to hesitate starting, but starts. 4. The motor runs on a good start, but it seems to not be drawing any fuel.

If you have experienced one or two of these problems, then you’re in luck because this tutorial is all about getting your Briggs lawn mower to start by addressing these problems!

For this tutorial, you’ll need tools: a can of carb cleaner, a small flat-tip screwdriver, a 3A socket, a half-inch socket, a ratchet and a Phillips screwdriver. To learn how you can use these to solve your problems with your Briggs lawn mower, watch Foxboss9’s YouTube video.

Image source: Foxboss9

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