Fixing A Broken Zipper: Finally, A DIY Fix That Works!

It doesn’t matter if it’s in your clothes or in your bag. A broken zipper can be quite a nuisance. Having it repaired is essential for a hassle-free day. Interestingly, in spite of its prominence in most daily objects, only a few people know how to fix a broken zipper.

Some people may think that getting a zipper fixed is a complicated task. On the contrary, it is quite a simple thing to do if you just know how to do it correctly. All you need is some simple tools and some knowledge on how zippers work and you can put them back together quite quickly.

So how can you fix a broken zipper without resorting to a full replacement of the whole zipper system? We have been able to see a video where the entire process of fixing a zipper is shown. We think it’s probably the best video of its kind out there today.

Image source: Science Sir

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