[Video] Fixing Garden Sprayers That Just Won’t Work On Your Own.

A garden sprayer is a truly versatile piece of backyard gardening tool. It has lots of uses – from precisely measuring amounts of solutions to controlling the direction and amount of sprays you need for your plants. Simply wield your sprayer loaded with an appropriate gardening solution, and watch your plants become pest-free and healthy.

But there might be times when your trusty garden sprayer just cannot bring itself to work. It’s not totally broken, but why is it not spraying? Before you investigate what’s going on, you might be tempted to simply shoot your dysfunctional sprayer in the trash bin and just buy a new one.

Hold it! You can actually give your sprayer a chance. The problem could simply be a blocked hose or sprayer handle. A quick cleanse for both sprayer parts might just do the trick! Watch the following video and learn how to clean and ultimately fix your dysfunctional garden sprayer quickly at home.

source: HomemadeIdea

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