A Beginner-Friendly Way To Fix Pipes Using Push-Fit Pipe Fittings.

Leaking plumbing systems often call for replacement of the damaged pipes. As such, you basically have to chop off the old pipe, cut and fit a new copper, PEX, or CPVC pipe, and quickly solder it in place. But isn’t it quite a hassle to go through all those delicate soldering, especially if you’re just a newbie to plumbing?

There is actually a beginner-friendly alternative to fixing broken pipes. It’s by using fittings that employ the so-called “push-fit” technology to securely install a new pipe in place. This easy method requires pushing the new pipe into the fitting up to a certain depth until it locks in place.

Learn about essential tips on how to fix pipes the easy way by watching this quick video. You’ll gain useful information about what to do when preparing a newly-cut pipe for insertion to the push-fit fitting. You will also see how to properly insert a copper pipe inside a push-fit fitting.

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