[Video] The Tips And Tricks: Fixing Sun Damaged Paint DIY-Style.

Harsh sunlight is one of the worst enemies of your car’s paint. Although technological advances have led to better heat resistance for paint, leaving your car under direct sunlight can still do a lot of damage. High temperatures can lead to paint flaking or fading, and other similar issues in your car’s paint.

Prevention is, of course, the best way to prevent damage to your paint caused by the sun. It’s highly recommended that you park your car in a covered area or under a bit of shade to minimize the effects of direct sunlight. If not possible, you can buy a car cover fitted to your vehicle to provide some protection.

After some time of exposure to the sun, car paint will eventually get damaged. And when that happens, you need to fix the sun damaged paint before it gets worse. This is where the author can help you with his DIY tutorial video. Learn how to paint like a pro by following the steps.

source: The Gunman

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