Build Your Own Copper Tube Fitting Using A Flaring Tool.

If you have been doing your own piping repairs, you would know the frustration of running to and from different hardware depots just to find the matching pipes and fittings. But there’s actually a way you can build your own fitting and that is by using a flaring tool which will be discussed in the video.

A flaring tool is an equipment used when working with pipe fittings. This tool accepts a piping made of pliable metal like copper or aluminum, and expands that pipe’s end as required so it perfectly fits the section where it will be connected to.

Flaring tools are available in different styles and designs. But all of them serve the same purpose and that is to flare the end of a metal pipe. In this tutorial video, the author will show you how to use a copper flaring tool to build a custom fitting on your own.

image source: iScaper1

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