[Video] Save Floor Space And Open Up Your Room With This Floating Corner TV Stand.

It’s understandable that you would give more attention to deciding what type of TV to buy rather than where to place it. Most of the time, we would just place it on a stand and then shove it into the nearest convenient corner. And for the most part, this is okay

The problem is how you place the stand. If you place it in such a way that it forms a triangle with the corner, rather than parallel to the wall, then there is wasted space that you could put to better use. The space behind the TV is also harder to clean.

You can eliminate wasted space by building a floating TV stand that also includes room for the satellite receiver and other necessities underneath. The stand will free up the floor space for other uses. This video will show you how to make a shelf using leftover wood and some screws.

source: MrDiyDork

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