Forge Your Own Corkscrew, Freehand Style At The Anvil.

Blacksmithing is both a skill and an art. It’s been around since man learned how to extract metals from rocks. Nowadays, there are still dedicated blacksmiths who have carried the tradition. Although they may be using modern tools and equipment, much of the basic tasks have remained the same.

One such task is freehand forging on an anvil. The anvil is perhaps the most iconic tool of a blacksmith, aside from the hammer. Even modern blacksmiths have adhered to using these tools when working on their projects. There’s something in wielding that hammer and pounding on that anvil that makes blacksmithing exciting.

In this DIY tutorial video, the author will show you how to make a simple project – a corkscrew. You will learn how to forge it on an anvil, freehand style. The only material needed is 3/8-inch square steel stock. The tools? Just the hammer and the anvil. Of course you’ll need a metal forge to heat up the steel.

Image source: Mark Aspery

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