[Video] How To Forge A Bowie Knife Out Of A Truck’s Leaf Spring.

Surviving in the wild wouldn’t be possible without a bowie knife. With its impressive length, a bowie knife is just the perfect tool to go for a hunt. This menacing blade is also handy for combat, even scaring your attackers at the sight of the knife alone. Moreover, you can also use it as a wood carver to build your makeshift home.

Simply put, a bowie knife is a valuable possession out in the wilderness. Owning one helps increase your survival rate tenfold, and failing to have one puts you in great danger. That said, you need to have a bowie knife in your arsenal.

Having a bowie knife is one thing, forging a personalized one is another. With a spare leaf spring from a truck, create your own bowie knife and earn yourself some bragging rights. Find out how you can transform a leaf spring into a valuable weapon in the video.

source: Freerk Wieringa

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