Learn The Basic Framing Square Techniques.

A framing square, also referred to as a steel square, is one of the most commonly used tools in carpentry. It is used by carpenters primarily for framing and layering rafters, staircase stringers, and many more. It also serves as a straight-edge, used for finding and plotting right angles and marking some cut-off work on a wide stock. It can be a tricky tool for beginners especially for measuring. However, once you know the basics, using the framing square can enable you to work more efficiently

In this video, it will be demonstrated how to use a framing square for different kinds of application. It will basically be discussed the general anatomy of a basic framing square. Roof framing and other uses will also be tackled as the video goes on.

The process itself involves mathematics, but do not be discouraged. It is just a simple arithmetic that anyone can handle. Watch the video to learn more!

Image source: Make Build Modify

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