Learn How To Effectively Use A Framing Square Using THIS HIDDEN TOOL!

In building structures, framing windows and doors can be a tedious process. Making sure that the measurements are accurate will take lots of time if you do it manually using a measuring tape. This is where a framing square comes into play.

A framing square is a measuring tool used in carpentry. It has a tongue and a body with each part having a different width. The body is wider than the tongue. These parts play an important role in making measurements accurate yet quick and efficient.

In this video, you will learn about the hidden tool of the framing square and how to effectively use it for measuring different blocks of wood simultaneously. It will be demonstrated how to do it with a measuring tape and framing square individually to see their differences. The framing square makes the process very fast and easy for beginners. Watch it now so you can start your own journey of building and carpentry!

Image source: seejanedrill

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