Get Your Hot Water For Free By Reusing Your Waste Oil.

Free hot water and heating from waste oil. Easy build — by ‘GerrysDiy’. Thinking of throwing away that waste oil? Don’t do it yet, especially if you have an old oil boiler in your basement. This easy-to-do project teaches you how to reuse your waste oil to produce hot water that reaches up to 180°F; perfect for use at home.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘GerrysDiy’.


Free hot water and heating, 80 US Gallons of water to 180 degrees F in about 1 hr and then went hyper producing lots of steam. Easily convert an old oil boiler to run on waste oil. Cheap to do and works great. The boiler is just an old oil boiler with the burner taken out. The rest is just a flow and return setup to a 300l hot water storage tank. It worked really well and it could produce a lot of hot water all day long….Gerry’s Waste Oil Burner


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