Homemade Fuel Formula: Sawdust Plus Used Oil.

Over the past decades, a lot of interest and investment have been placed in finding alternative fuel sources. With both the prices of fossil fuels and demand for cleaner forms of energy rising, the hunt for a viable alternative fuel for running our machines is only seen to further intensify moving forward.

While there are many homemade fuel formulas that emerged over the years, not all of them are effective, and not all of them are even legit to begin with. However, this fuel formula is an exception to the rule. You can prepare this at your own backyard, and it 100% works!

This fuel is created through a combination of sawdust and used oil. The great thing about this combination is that it has a high calorific value (meaning it possess a lot of energy when burned) and it is not very difficult to ignite. Turning nothing into something has never been this cool.

Image source: struck2soon

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