Watch And Learn How To Build A Forge Using Propane Burners.

Blacksmithing is one of those skills that have been around for thousands of years. Nowadays, there are still quite a few people blacksmithing either as a job or as a hobby. And why not? There’s this feeling of satisfaction gained from forging your own tools, knives, or swords.

But before you can shape the metal into the design that you want, you need to heat it. And you’ll need high temperatures in order to soften the metal enough for you to shape it. That’s why one of the most basic equipment you’ll need in blacksmithing is a forge.

There are different designs of forges. You can buy ones that are ready-made or you can make one yourself. This is what this DIY tutorial video will show you. The author details the parts and steps required for you to be able to make your own forge. And the whole project wouldn’t cost you a fortune. Let’s get burning.

Image source: Will Matthews

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