How To Make A Makeshift Antenna To Improve Reception Of Local TV Channels.

A disclaimer: What the guy did in the video was to capture a better reception from the local television airwaves. Do not expect that you can hijack cable shows using this method. If you want free cable, you can just browse around YouTube for medium-sized clips of the shows you want.

Nevertheless, this is an effective method to improve the signal reception of a new television with a CATV connector without needing to get or buy an antenna and coaxial cable. Basically, you will just need to get a copper wire that’s thick enough to get inside the CATV connector on your television.

In the video, the guy used a thick solid copper speaker wire. To improve the connection and reception, he wrapped the end of the wire to a metallic furniture hanging on the wall, which was a few feet higher than the television. He scanned the airwaves, and he got more channels since the makeshift antenna was capturing more signals.

Image source: Justin Romero

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