DIY Idea: How To Make A Grinder.

Grinders are extremely versatile machines used to satisfy many applications. As power tools, they’re indispensable if you want to cut through an object quickly. You can use them to rout mortar, grind metal, and cut tile. You can also use them to polish, sand, and sharpen.

These power tools feature a side handle, an adjustable guard, and large bearings that counter any cutting-generated side forces. They were developed originally to accommodate rigid abrasive disks. But over the years and with the availability of interchangeable power, their use with a range of cutters and attachments was encouraged.

It’s easy to buy grinders since they are available at stores that sell all sorts of power tools. But if you have some tools such as metal screws, bolts, bearings, plates, a drill, and a power source lying around, you should consider making a DIY grinder. This way, you’ll also put your machining skills to use.

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Image source: SL Sanda

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