Build A Hand Crank Capacitor BoostBox For Your Emergency Power Needs.

When you find that your car’s battery has died, the first instinct you’ll have is to jump-start your car. Of course it is; it’s what most people do anyway.  The only problem here is that newer cars would require new equipment; jump-starting them might create a voltage surge that might only deal further damage.

A safer alternative to jump-start your car is to use a BoostPack — an equipment that’s useful for providing emergency power.  However, the only drawback here is that it’s expensive. So why not make your own?

In this tutorial, learn how to make a DIY hand crank capacitor that’s able to provide emergency power when you need it. Now, you won’t need another car to jump-start your car battery. 

Image source: lasersaber

To see how it’s done, simply visit the next page to watch the video: DIY Hand Crank Capacitor BoostBox Starts V6 – Hand Crank BoostPack.

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