This Genius DIY Project That Turned A Simple Hand-Cranked Winch Into A Power Tow Tool.

A winch is an incredibly useful tool to have at work or at home as it helps to move things around more easily. An electric winch, in particular, is something that you can use to tow your car with. But, besides the price of this type of winch, you also need to consider its use of electricity. What happens when that runs out?

Well, hand-cranked winches don’t need electricity and are also useful, albeit not on heavy objects that need high impact pushing or pulling. So, what to do, then?

This video will show you how the video author turned his $35 eBay-bought winch into something that he can use to tow his truck or move heavy logs. You’ll see that through some modification, he’s able to create a DIY hand-cranked tow winch that is super strong. Indeed, a little creativity can go a long way. How did he do it? Watch his video.

Image source: NightHawkInLight

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