This Genius DIY Project That Turned A Simple Hand-Cranked Winch Into A Power Tow Tool.

DIY Hand Crank Tow Winch — by ‘NightHawkInLight’. Using a few other materials, like a simple piece of steel for mounting the winch, a manual hand-cranked boat winch was converted into a multi-purpose mobile can be used to tow vehicles and logs – anything that a winch is good for. All of these without the need for electricity and with twice the pulling power as the original. Just how genius!

Many thanks to the video creator ‘NightHawkInLight’.


I do a lot of camping in places that are easy to get a vehicle stuck in so I’ve been thinking about this winch project for a while. I’ll feel a lot better having this hand crank winch on hand….NightHawkInLight

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Image source: YouTube.


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