Make Your Own Inexpensive And Simple Wi-Fi Gun For Faster Internet Surfing.

Are you tired of expensive, yet slow internet connections? Want some fast and reliable internet in your home, your office, or anywhere in your town? A hand-made Wi-Fi gun may be the possible answer to your problems.

A Wi-Fi gun is an amalgam of two types of Wi-Fi antennae that can either transmit or receive signals from one to hundreds of kilometers from where it is installed. This depends on how you set it up, where you put it, or which materials you are going to use. This device also works excellently with both laptops and smartphones.

What’s more is that this powerful device is made up of light and inexpensive materials and is very easy to make. If done properly, you can easily obtain a stronger and more efficient Wi-Fi signal anywhere you go with no hassle at all. For the complete guide on creating your very own Wi-Fi gun, watch this video.

Image source: KREOSAN English

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