Hanging A Backpack Made Easy: Learn An Often Overlooked Survivalist Skill.

A backpack is a survivalist’s best friend. It contains virtually everything you will need to survive a trek of all lengths. Of course, the downside of carrying a backpack is it gets tiring after a while. However, there are some situations where you can’t just drop your backpack to the ground.

When camping, the ground can sometimes get too dirty, especially during suboptimal weather conditions. Having the contents of your backpack messed up by dirty ground is never an option. In these situations, knowing how to hang your pack to somewhere elevated (like a tree) can come in extremely handy.

Learning how to tie your backpack is an often-overlooked fundamental skill. However, this is a potentially life-saving technique when you’re out in the wild. Beyond keeping your luggage clean and giving much-needed rest time for you, it can keep your goodies safe from the reach of animals, and possibly, other people.

Image source: IntenseAngler

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